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Track Systems

Today’s athlete leaves nothing to chance. A perfect game plan, superior conditioning, strength, and endurance make a winning formula. QCI employs those same qualities to build a championship track. Whether you’re building a high-performance competition track or a recreational light-use facility, we will provide the highest level of expertise, insuring safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Most of our track systems are IAAF certified.


Our Latex tracks serve as a great economical and resilient track surface option. They are constructed with high-quality latex polymers and are applied with the “Rake and Spray” install system and bound with a water-based binder. We build our latex track surfaces to two depths. The latex tracks can be left black and semi-permeable, or coated with a structural spray to introduce color.

Latex Products

Black Mat
Black Mat With Structural Spray


Due to its durability, ease of color customization and comfort, polyurethane is the most common surface for running tracks in The United States.

Polyurethane Products

QC 100PM
QC 200SS
QC 300IS
QC 1500SW
QC 3000FP