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Court Systems Build Process


Individualize your court with choices in lighting, fencing, and accessories!


Fixture Style- 1000w Metal Halide Extruded or New Vertical Burn

Light Posts-Direct Burial

Layout- 6 or 8 light options

Galvanized, Vinyl Coated, Colored

QCI Top Coat, QCI Classic, QCI Premier, QCI Supreme

Tennis nets, net posts, windscreens, score keepers, benches, basketball goals, etc…

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QCI provides complete court construction from start to finish. Whether you need simple resurfacing or complete new court construction, QCI means quality. If you’ve got land, we’ve got a court for you. Our different court options will fit any need and any level of competition, from elite professional to leisure play.

The QCI Three-Phase Process is how we do it:


We will meet with you to determine your needs or desires for your project and provide options for accomplishing your goal through QCI. A good start to the project will insure a good finish.


We will develop the plan, create the specifications, provide the design for your project, and provide a detailed estimate. Some main factors that will affect the quote are: design, materials, fencing, lighting, surface options, accessories, electrical/utilities, environmental concerns, mitigation and soil issues, wetlands, permitting, etc. In the planning phase, we will determine options that best serve your needs, while maintaining the budget.


Now we will build your project. The average time it takes is about 60 days, weather permitting, to build, cure, paint, and install accessories. Resurfacing of existing tennis courts normally takes a week or two weather permitting. It begins with site work such as soil, drainage, completion of testing and dirt work. Next there is slab construction (we use only post-tension slab construction), then fencing and lighting, and finally the application of one of our four surfacing options.